inside out

In September I visited Boston for the weekend as I have done every couple of months since moving to Brooklyn.  On this particular weekend I joined some friends at South End Open Studios.  Even more than the art itself, I love being able to be inside the artist’s studios.  It’s a little like being inside their creativity, seeing what inspires them, the setting they choose to create in.  It’s an honor to be invited in.

This day is coming back to me as I write this.  I remember loving the feel of the Pentax in my hands, the heaviness of it.  I remember the way the light was streaming in the windows and bouncing off the brick of the converted warehouse building. I was interested in the lines going every which way- lines from the sun, the window panes, the brick, the rafters and the fabrics.  I was in sync with the camera and it felt effortless.  One of my favorite kinds of camera moments.



2 thoughts on “inside out

  1. pierre says:

    love your colors…

  2. Jen Wittlin says:

    thank you! and thanks for visiting!

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